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Fortunately this doesn't susan 54942 min gratis cams affect the Scorecard and as a result I couldn't give a monkeys if they do this.
B: I'm a nuke.
Currently, it is the most powerful weapon available to mankind, creating either the fission (breaking of) or fusion (fusing together) of atoms.
Nuked films can still reach other sources such as p2p/usenet, but its a good idea to check why it was nuked first in case.
Don't worry, you'll soon have a positive, green trustworthy rating because there is absolutely nothing wrong with your site.Individual sites will nuke for breaking their rules (such as "No Telesyncs" but if the film has something extremely wrong with it (no soundtrack for 20mins, CD2 is incorrect film/game etc) then a global nuke will occur, and people trading it across sites will lose.After years of patent hostility, US Emperor-For-Life George Bush finally nuked France in 2020, resulting in the formation of the "Freedom Sea".Of course people could rate with out commenting but knowing what you just told me that people down-rate without even checking does make me a big disconcerted as to the effectiveness of this system as a whole.Basically, a nuked release doesn't work as a regular release should.The webhosting company nuked, jamal's " penile enhancement " sites because he was caught spamming.I buy a natural product called Kratom and both sites that I have bought from and trust completely have red or deep red icons.By Eta February 24, 2005 Nuke unknown Slang for a nuclear/ thermonuclear device, usually classified as an icbm, mrbm or tactical nuclear bomb (tac-nuke).

Any way thank you for taking the time to comment, rate my sites and inform me to this issue.
Nuke school is widely considered to be one of the toughest schools offered in the military.
B: (with much hubris ) Yeah, it's tough being the best of the best.
A person in the Navy, real sex dukke shannon either enlisted or officer, who has had nuclear training and currently works in the field.
Often my own comments as well as other regular WOT evaluators are down voted.I am the only person I know who uses WOT.March 12, 2005 nuke unknown, a US sailor, either enlisted or commissioned officer, who has successfully finished the US Navy nuclear power pipeline and is qualified to operate the nuclear power plants aboard aircraft carriers or submarines.For example: -A film can be nuked for various reasons.Unfortunately there are several small minded people who try to game the system on WOT.If a group realise there is something wrong, they can request a nuke.To cook a foodstuff in a microwave oven (it is a common misconception that microwave energy is a form of nuclear radiation).I suggest that you get your friends to rate this website.So far you are the only one who has commented on my sites.#navy #aircraft carrier #submarine #nuke #military by Nuke Trained Sailor August 30, 2008 nuke unknown.

Source: CNN, global Gateway (19 Videos see More).
I have never had anything bad on my sites yet I am left with orange logo's.
They never leave a comment to back up their assertions because they are cowards who hide behind their anonymity.