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Traffic camera of the city of Sydney t showing live images of the entrance of the Anzac Bridge at the intersection of Victoria Road in Pyrmont area in Sydney.
Live images from the Tower of the Bell Tower of the Town Hall of Adelaide to the North and King William Street.
A bill is expected to pass, with many opponents of marriage equality in parliament promising to respect the result, although parliament may consider amendments.
The cross-party bill will be debated in the Senate on Thursday and the parliamentary sitting week beginning 27 November, with supporters of marriage equality aiming to pass a bill through both houses of parliament before they rise on 7 December.
In a bruising three-month campaign, opponents of marriage equality including the Australian Christian Lobby, and the Catholic and Anglican churches in Sydney, claimed same-sex marriage would have far-reaching negative consequences for gender education.At a rally in Melbourne, the Labor leader, Bill Shorten, said: What a fabulous day to be an Australian because in this survey the Australian people have declared overwhelmingly Australia is ready for marriage equality.Labor, the Greens and other opposition parties blocked the proposed plebiscite in the Senate in November 2016 and August 2017, leading the Turnbull government to launch a 122m voluntary national postal survey to fulfil its election commitment to give Australians a say.This live webcam from Cafe Sydney allows to view the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the baie of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia.Turnbull said the result was unequivocal and overwhelming, implicitly warning conservatives including in his own government that the public are our masters and the parliament must now deliver on the result.Former prime ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard warned that religious freedom and freedom of speech were at risk.

Same-sex marriage has been banned in Australia since 2004 when the Howard government changed the Marriage Act to define marriage as between a man and a woman.
With a turnout.5 the result in the voluntary survey is considered a highly credible reflection of Australian opinion and gives marriage equality advocates enormous momentum to achieve the historic social reform.
Coalition parliamentarians, who were previously required to vote against marriage equality will now be given a free vote, Labor MPs are almost universally semi hårdt spy cam gay in favour and a majority of crossbenchers will also support the bill.Australias chief statistician, David Kalisch, announced the results at a press conference in Canberra at 10am on Wednesday, revealing 7,817,247 people voted in favour and 4,873,987 voted against.Appearing alongside Turnbull, the finance minister, Mathias Cormann, said the cross-party bill was a good starting point but nude upskirts skjult fotos he believed there is a need for some additional religious protections, signalling amendments could still be contentious within the government.Australia has taken a decisive step towards legislating marriage equality by Christmas after.6 of voters in an unprecedented national postal survey approved a change to the law to allow couples of the same sex to marry.Together we have achieved something truly remarkable, a win for fairness and equality, not only for the lgbti community and our families, but for all Australians, he said.As many comparable countries such as the US and Britain allowed or legislated for same-sex marriage, Australia looked increasingly out of step.Turnbull, same-sex marriage supporters in Australias ruling Liberal-National party Coalition, the Labor opposition, Greens and other cross-bench parties have reached a consensus around a cross-party bill that makes minimalist changes to protect religious freedom without legalising discrimination by commercial service providers, such as cake makers.With the positive result, Turnbull, a supporter of same-sex marriage leading a party that straddles both liberal and conservative traditions, looks to have finally achieved a win against reactionaries in his party that oppose the social reform.The campaign also featured two unsuccessful high court challenges against the expenditure of 122m for the survey, as marriage equality advocates fought to prevent the poll seen as an affront because it determined lgbti peoples equality before the law by a majoritarian vote.Australia celebrates result of same-sex marriage survey video.