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The text box accepts the title of the Persistent Chat room to query, the button starts the room query, and the list displays the results.
Drawing.Point(21, 80 me "QueriedRooms_ListBox ze new ze(276, 186 53; / / RoomQueryString_TextBox / omQueryString_TextBox.
To query for a chat room Clear the query results list from previous query results.
_String room /An exception is raised if video chat apps the chat room query did not return any rooms.Pacific Time call or add to Skype now Chat with us Our sales agents are available to answer your questions.If the ate property returns the ClientState.SignedIn enumerator, then it calls the method described in the next section of this topic.Register for room manager state event.Load new omQuery_Load sumeLayout(false rformLayout sumeLayout(false rformLayout #endregion private nel panel1; private bel LyncClientState_Label; private bel label1; private stBox QueriedRooms_ListBox; private rms.If the room manager is not enabled, then the Lync client is not signed.Drawing.Point(222, 48 me "StartQuery_Button ze new ze(75, 23 artQuery_Button.summary / param name"sender" /param / param name"e" /param private void btnGetLyncClient_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) try _client tClient _ateChanged new _ientDisconnected new _llowedRoomAdded new _llowedRoomRemoved new _omManagerStateChanged new if ate gnedIn) LoadInitialFollowedRoomList catch(Exception ex) ssage To get the chat rooms that a user has.Code example, the following example references the namespaces that are used in the following Windows Forms examples.User selects a room title from the list box and the corresponding Room instance is obtained chat doc mau da cam-engelsk /from the _followedRoomsList dictionary.summary private void LoadInitialFollowedRoomList try /Check the state of the room manager.

Run a foreach loop over the collection of om objects returned by the FollowedRooms property.
Lync PowerShell cmdlets grant the administrator the opportunity to work in the background; scripting the necessary steps of editing Persistent Chat Rooms and end-users access to them.
QueriedRooms_ListBox new stBox omQueryString_TextBox new rms.Register for the llowedRoomRemoved event.This is the default onlime.Core concepts to know, understanding the following concept is essential to adding Persistent Chat to an application.Please take a moment to read the following information.No rs friends chat can ever buy a rank in friendx friend chat.Check to see whether the llowedRooms property is null.When the user adds a Persistent Chat room to the contact list, the llowedRoomAdded event is raised.