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Tumblr, tumblr often tends to be overlooked in round-ups of visual social media, but theres no reason why it should.
Adweek has revealed is also the wealthiest amongst any of its rivals.
The visually-focused blogging platform boasts a highly engaged user base, which research.
For one thing, it isnt possible to connect with another user on Snapchat unless you already know their handle or have them in your contacts.Pinstamatic is a flexible tool that allows you to create a variety of slick-looking graphics, from sticky notes to"tions, photo captions and calendar dates if you want to highlight an important event or day coming.Has now signed a deal with Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix) to arm marketers with more intelligence.But Red Bull has expertly built a brand image around daredevilry and adrenaline-pumping activities, so its social media channels are full of dramatic photographs and videos of death-defying stunts.The Yahoo-owned site is launching a mobile feature today that overlays stickers and filters on top of photos and GIFs that users share.The image would reveal different clues depending on which filter was applied, leading to a solution to the riddle.Real-time updates and live content Snapchats ephemeral style lends itself to real-time updates and live content, such as General Electrics collaboration with Buzz Aldrin on the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

In recent years, the popularity of visual social networks like Instagram and Snapchat has made them an increasingly important source of visibility filippinerne gratis chat rooms online and ad revenue, while new players entering the social media space also frequently revolve around visual content like videos, graphics and animations.
Reblogs, speaking of sharing, reblogs are a key component of Tumblr, similar to repins on Pinterest.
As Liz Nixon said in our piece on thinking vertically in the age of mobile video, Visual elements that artfully play into the functionality of the platform will always perform best.
Its vanishing media might be frustrating to some brands who would rather build up a more permanent presence that customers can come back to; but it also guarantees the attention and constant engagement of users who repeatedly check the app for updates.
This goes both ways, of course, so interact, engage with the community and find relevant pieces of content to share and repost.Theyre designed to be Pinned on Pinterest, but you can easily save them for use elsewhere.While the last part of that stereotype might be true ( 69 of Tumblrs users are Generation Y-ers Tumblr is also a creative, interactive and social environment.Starting today, Tumblr looks a little bit more like Snapchat.Tumblr posts can be longer and can be based around text as well as gifs, images and videos which well get to in a moment but for the most part you want posts that will grab users attention as theyre scrolling through their dashboard.Designer brand Michael Kors also used Snapchat to showcase live, behind-the-scenes content at New York Fashion week in February 2015.The astronaut took over GEs Snapchat account to deliver an exclusive message to a transfixed audience of followers.Also, Tumblr users often write little messages in their tags once the important ones are out of the way, so tag on a funny little epithet for some extra cred.Tumblr can support all kinds of embeds as well, so splash out with data visualisations, infographics, videos and of course, gifs.There are also a handful of colorful filters that can be added to posts and Tumblr says it plans to add more stickers each month.

Here are some go-to tips for approaching visual social media that you can apply across the board.