Interoffice chat gratis

View and share information from all your favorite applications without leaving your chat window.
If you wish to recommend other free LAN Messengers, please do so in the comments section.
The hub for your team and your work.
No matter your job title or department, Slack can help your team work together and get things done.The program operates in peer-to-peer mode, and hence does not need any server.It is available here for download.LAN Messenger is a free and open source cross-platform instant messaging application for communication over a local network.You're in good company, millions of people around the world have already made Slack the place where their work happens.

Share files and make audio or video calls, right from within your chat channels.
Channels, communication in Slack happens in channels, organized by project, topic, team, or whatever makes sense for you.
If you are at your workplace or at your office and want a free communication source in your office, so that you can stay in contact with all your employes and can have a conference within your office or maybe have some instant small chats.
Tonic: Tonic helps you to carry out your simple chats within your office via LAN network.
It does not require a server.If you create a new domain, you will have to invite other users to join the domain in order to message them.Make audio/video calls, share files and talk to your colleagues from your smartphone.Plays well with all SaaS platforms.Tonic automatically finds other Tonic users inside your network.Note: One software in this list has gone paid.Translated client available in German, French, Arabic and Chinese.There may be many freeware LAN Messengers available for Windows 10/8/7, but these 3 are among the best ones in my opinion.