Holdning til sex real

There seems to have always been a fair amount of negativity in the comment section.
Now, it's all Schaub running the show and he doesn't have the same comedy/attitude as Bryan, so it's not as funny or interesting.
I like Chin actually, he's grown on me over the last few months, minus the very dark current events, he's pretty funny and gives Bryan and Schaub something to laugh and joke about.
Dropping knowledge still about, Schaub didn't like it at any point I don't think.
School is definitely better as a passenger, (most recent Theo Von episode) where he plays off others and chimes.Schaub laughing like crazy, can see him download the comedy data.Now, it's the same topics rehashed again and again.At 14mins - Schaub celebrating the ankle break of a 15 year old in a ju jitsu match.I think his ego has taken over and he feels the need to always lead every aspect of the show, (He's the drawl) so he has to take charge.Doesn't shoot him down straight away.ETB a lot more opinionated, not afraid to join in and chat when needed.Either no fight talk or bare bones with Schaub knowing everything.EvanTheBeard, big difference than Chin.They seemed to be more a group dynamic, the three of them talking and Schaub taking more a back seat/allowing others to talk.Also the stuttering, "eh-eh-everrrr".Still talks the most, bold opinions etc but more of a conversation.

Fight talk going on - like 20-30 minutes.
Whereas he's funnier when a real comedian is coming up with the segments/angles and he chimes.
A lot of the catchphrases still there.
Maybe this sex video spil onlin episode is too recent, would maybe be better to go to one around the #50 mark.But at least takes an interest, asks questions etc.Finger in the chest.Not a great look tbf.Interesting to see some of the same dynamics even then and how they would evolve as the years went.Big difference in recent tfatk's.They talked about actual funny stuff that ven chat online gratis went on in their lives.Bryan calling him out a bit about.

"I don't mean to interrupt ya brother".
Definitely a more fun atmosphere, Schaub's ego a lot smaller and more of a two man show/conversation, Bryan allowed to shine a little more and the show as a whole was more interesting.