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The drama's character-driven storylines will emphasize the taut, cat-and-mouse game played by the undercover agents as they attempt to infiltrate the lives of a gallery of criminals, including murderous master thief Jack 'Sonny' Walker (William sex med levering fyr real Forsythe) and imprisoned drug lord Carlos Cortez (Steven Bauer,.
Josef plays Mick's immortal mentor.
Ein ganz anderes Problem: Er nimmt nach und nach immer mehr.
See full summary » Stars: Joe Pantoliano, Anna Belknap, Lola Glaudini, Tanya Wright Votes: 141 45 min Crime, Drama, Mystery Each episode of this series, set in present day Los Angeles, examines one crime from many different viewpoints - uniformed cops, detectives, witnesses, the media.Navy discovers an extra-terrestrial object briefly appeared near a ship in the Atlantic Ocean.And if he fails, he's damned for good.Stars: Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, Steve Harris, Dylan Minnette Votes: 19,601 year: 2012 Episodes: 13 Network: NBC Stars: jason isaacs, laura allen, dylan minette BD wong Awake is compelling drama about a police detective who learns he is leading a double life that defies reality.Agent Rebecca Locke will become part of a sinister and unsavory world when she is recruited to join the Bureau's Los Angeles Violent Crimes Unit as a new profiler.He spends 15 years in Hell, until 113 souls managed to escape.The two men have one thing in common - they share the same body because Edward took part in an experiment several years earlier to create a split personality.

Then he will wake up and start the day over again.
44 min Action, Crime, Drama Detective Jarek Wysocki, one of Chicago's toughest cops, struggles to clean up the town's violence and corruption.
In contrast, Edward Albright is a lethal, multilingual operative.
Starring Joseph Fiennes and John Cho as Mark Benford and Demetri Noh, two FBI agents assigned to investigating the unknown cause of the two minute blackout.Seven episodes were shown between September and November before ABC decided to cancel the show.Despite his considerable charm, Doe is an emotional island unto himself.Jimmy McGloin (Hurst) is an ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) officer and a bona fide card-carrying conservative.60 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror A vampire lands work as a private investigator and falls for a mortal woman.C-16 was shown Saturday nights at 8 PM on ABC in 1997.