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I had no choice other than waiting for the next pain to come, I could only cry and scream.
So shutup and be ready to get used again by winner.
Even sometime, I had received calls to wake up from sleep, and start my cam, people treated me like a piece of meat, with no choice of mine, I had to cum, if they want, I had to bath in mid night if they want.
They wanted to test all those things one by one and together.I was so happy to know about the girl.He asked me to add teron and follow his orders, while I was supposed to keep a copy of my session with teron and send him as video chat vejleder gratis proof.Online Sex Slave Turning a Real Sex Slave (Based on my true story of my life).So I am you one more new master, You need to please me everyday during this time.He is saying truth of false, that will be decided by the room tamilske piger til at chatte voting, do every member agree.I am now at my home).Some time I had to fulfill the demands of them cam gigandet homoseksuelle scene beyond.So I had to please all, but 50 guys when instruct you to do something on cam, it is not that easy.Teron : now you may cum, I am done with you for today.The guys were saying, that if that injected to me, I will be in sense, no matter how much pain was inflicted.

Its nearly impossible in such huge pain, when my tears are falling, my inside cock, pee hole burining, how can I even touch my cock I pleaded, Sir, please have mercy on me, why every one wants to see me in pain?
Those organizers offered them Rs 2 Lacs for me as victim in the bdsm party for one night.
But more time passed it became more unbearable Atlast I fell down on ground Teron : bitch, YOU failed, now you will be punished hard I said, please sir, I tried Teron : YOU neearsh punishment I was scared, thinking whats coming next Teron.
No one cared whether I live or die.
I was about to faint when I came out of bath room.The room number 15 used to select a head tormentor, who gave me instructions after a due voting.Akash : yes sir Mature: now for today, you may log off, tomorrow be online on same time Akash : ok sir Mature: bye bitch Akash : bye sir Chapter 4 A long painful night The same thing continued for days, months.The Party started at.He said bitch, I AM NOT iood TO listen YOU plea, so open your mouteed TO PEE, I was shocked, tears rolling down my cheeks, what he is saying.Mainly it was difficult to please perverts in conference calls, when two-three old dom pervert joins in one place, the cruelest possible abuse they.They were dividing their time with me, like who will fuck me at which time, I was feeling so helpless and like a play toy for those old guys.I was in shock, I was shivering (to be continued.) part II Transition of Life from Cam Slave to Real Slave Chapter 6 It was Monday morning, this was the day, which they have told me, that the Car will pick me up from school.